Archives for February, 2007

Manwel Tabone’s Reggae Club radio show

A few years ago at RIT I went dub crazy and spent a few weeks collecting as much as I could from streaming radio shows and the internet in general. While trying to track down some High Tone tracks, I found Reggae Club. Reggae Club was a radio show broadcast on Radio Malta from 1989 [...]

emacs-snapshot-gtk emacsclient and using ediff for regions

If you’re using the emacs-snapshot-gtk package (I use the one from Alexandre’s repository) and you want to use emacsclient, make sure you use the version that it supplies at `/usr/bin/emacsclient.emacs-snapshot`. If you just run emacsclient, it might confusingly say “emacsclient: can’t stat /tmp/esrv1000-yourhost: Success” Recently at work I’ve been using ediff to compare little pieces [...]

Avoid a common mistake when renaming directories

Recently I had trouble renaming a directory with the mv utility. When I was creating a directory to try out the fuse filesystem called sshfs, I accidentally misspelled the name of my new directory: $ mkdir -p sshfs/tylre-unsyncopated In case you don’t know about the -p switch for mkdir, check it out, it can be [...]

Intel Motherboarding

If you’re trying to install the Intel(R) Chipset Software Installation Utility (aka drivers) from a CD and you encounter a message like “usbehci.sys on (Unknown) is needed”, you may want to try installing Service Pack 2 if you’re on Windows XP. Worked for me. Speaking of Intel, kudos to them for having the best website [...]

Specifying environment variables in .lesskey

One day while I was fooling with my `less` pager settings, I came across a fancy prompt string posted to the darwinos-users mailing list: re: less modifications. I added it to my `.lesskey` file, yielding: #env LESS = -i –prompt=”%f (%pb%, %lmth line, %L lines)$” After I executed `lesskey` to apply the new settings to [...]

Auditing WebGoat with the Rochester OWASP folks

I drove down to Henrietta today after work to the Bryant and Stratton Building to attend a meeting of the Rochester Chapter of OWASP (The Open Web Application Security Project). Ralf led 5 of us through the first 6 lessons provided by WebGoat, an insecure J2EE web application that was designed to illustrate roughly 14 [...]

Pelekus – A “Last Login Date” Verifier

What? Pelekus is a Greasemonkey User Script I wrote that can help you catch unauthorized access to your web accounts. Why? You may have noticed that some websites say something like “You last logged in at 9:09pm on 2/1/07″ when you log on? If you’re like me, you’ve┬álearned to ignore this message cause it’s pretty [...]