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Survivorman Canyonlands

Les Stroud (aka Survivorman) is a badass. I just watched the full credits following an episode of Survivorman and noticed that he composes the theme music in addition to writing, producing, and filming the show. To be honest, I’ve never even noticed the theme music, but damn, he’s a busy guy. The Discovery Channel just [...]

Contorting proteins

I just installed the Folding at Home client on Ubuntu. It was pretty easy thanks to this community documentation page and jpkotta‘s install script which will: Download the folding binary Set up a new user for folding so your machine can fold no matter who you’re logged in as. Install an init script to handle [...]

Recalling a word from the current command line

I often find myself using a command like this to make a backup of a file: cp /etc/slop/gunk.conf /etc/slop/gunk.conf_before_v2_upgrade Since the first portion of the second argument is always the same as the first argument (the green text), it bugged me to have to do tab completion for it. Luckily, zsh and bash provide an [...]

It Plays a Little Mel-o-dy

Here are a few reasons why this Summer is going to exceed all previous Summers: Daft Punk’s first North American tour in 9 years is making its final stop at Keyspan Park in Brooklyn on August 9th and I’m gonna be there with Josh, Carolyn, and a mystery person1. I’ll be at the Rock the [...]