Archives for May, 2007

Spinning Black Gold

The newest issue of Wired just showed up at my house. On the back cover is an advertisement for BMW. This is what it says (emphasis mine) “Our next-generation, hydrogen-powered vehicle is every bit BMW, but it has something more. Or less, actually. It produces near zero emissions. Which means the exhause produces water vapor, [...]

Turn on the bright lights – Emacs highlighting

Want to highlight every line in the current Emacs buffer that matches a regexp? Try `highlight-regex`. It serves a purpose similar to `M-x occur` (or better yet, icicle-occur). The highlighting regexs are re-evaluated every time the buffer changes ie the effect is sticky. Use `M-x unhighlight-regex` to disable these. Want to see what you’ve changed [...]

First Cobbs Hill Park run of the year

I capitalized on Rochester’s first nice Saturday in ~7 months by taking a jog up to Cobbs Hill Park. After taking a lap around the reservoir, I stopped at the pump pump house steps (pictured) to sit for a while in the sun. Some groovy flute music was floating out from inside the building. It [...]