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Some live music at Tulsa’s Marquee

Tessah’s friend Jenna gave us an impromptu tour of the Brady Arts district. As expected, it was cold at the center of the Universe. Oderkirk Trivia Tessah saves those little dessicant packets from shoeboxes in case she ever drops her cell phone in the toilet.

Late lunch in Rolla, MO

Ahoy St. Louis. I’m aiming for a late lunch @ Alex’s Pizza Palace in Rolla, MO. This message is brought to you by the General Packet Radio Service.

Tulsa road trip day #2

I had a nice leisurely morning today – waffles, some meditation, and a swim in the hotel’s pool. I like this pace. After a ham sandwich lunch, I listened to Jules Verne’s “Around the World in Eighty Days”1¬†as recommended by John Udell in an insightful piece about trying to sip from the firehose. The snow [...]

Tulsa road trip begins

I coaxed my iron horse onto the road today at 5pm. Packing for a month of travel took a bit longer than I expected `:]` I plan to… Visit my sister and Jared in Tulsa. Check out a school and meet up with some folks in Denver. Potentially visit Sioux City and Omaha. Jet back [...]

Dell Mini 9 unboxing

My Dad ordered a Dell Mini 9 netbook recently. I took some photos of the unboxing. Here are a few miscellaneous thoughts: You know how IE plays that little “mouse click” sound when accessing a new web page? It’s not so bad except for the fact that it often happens a second or so ”’after”’ [...]

Graphing OpenMoko community membership by country of residence

A group at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology recently published the results of their survey of OpenMoko community members. I’ve graphed their data on survey respondents’ country of origin: I’ve thresholded the output at 1% i.e. countries whose respondents accounted for less than one percent of the total are omitted from the graph. This [...]

RimuHosting’s support team is great

The webserver that is serving you this page isn’t running on a real physical machine. It’s running on a virtual Xen CPU in a Dallas, TX datacenter that is operated by RimuHosting, my VPS (Virtual Private Server) provider. I’ve been really pleased with RimuHosting’s technical support, especially their response time. Here’s an example: 11:39PM EST [...]