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A Flickr macro for MoinMoin

Would you like to include Flickr photos in your MoinMoin wiki pages? Here’s a MoinMoin macro that allows you to do just that. The code is a little ugly, but I was inspired by this affirmation of the “release early, release often” philosophy to make the source available. Slide on over to my wiki to [...] is is a stripped-down file-hosting service (cf.┬áthat has four “new-to-me” features:2 You can earn money when people download your files via their affiliate program. Your audience can access your files via HTTPS. An honest dedication to free speech and free software. You can upload your files via FTP-over-explicit-SSL (FTPES). Their support page doesn’t list [...]


Phew! I’m home. Time for some maths… 34 days 15 states 3,900 miles(!) $310 spent on fossil fuel 27 MPG average in my Mazda3 $70 spent on tolls, mostly on the East coast $350 spent on lodging $10 per night on average – not bad! For the nitty gritty, take a look at my Tulsa/Denver [...]

A Bash “edit-in-place” idiom

I use a shell script called `` to launch my music player and open a given internet radio station. I use it like this to tune to a local AM station: $ 1370 I usually edit small scripts like that with `nano(1)`. Rather than type the entire path to the script when I need [...]

ShmooCon 2009

Having last attended Shmoocon in 2007, I was glad to see that all the things that made it great ”then” were still present for the 2009 installment: A close-knit community feel. The Shmoo Group’s prolific members are very active in the infosec community and appear to unite many disparate groups within it. The freedom to [...]

Old friends in Iowa

On Sunday morning I left Denver for Sioux City Iowa. I drove northeast for a few hours then dropped the hammer through the flat flatness of Nebraska. I arrived sometime after midnight at the home of my elementary-school-era neighbors Tom and Noni. Tom directs an impressive tri-state air ambulance service and Noni hops from city-to-city [...]