Archives for January, 2011

Priorities: Bump in the Trunk

Some people require engine block heaters to start their cars in cold weather. I have the luxury of a garage so I don’t. My problem is far more serious: my subwoofers don’t kick when they’ve been sitting all night at ~zero Fahrenheit. My solution last weekend: run a ceramic space heater in my trunk for 15 [...]

Stepper-drive Plastruder Demo

We’re upgrading our Makerbot Cupcake CNC with a stepper motor-driven plastic extruder. Here are the components of the new plastruder: Polulu A4983 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier Makergear Plastruder Pack Kysan 42BYGH243AG14 Bipolar Stepper Motor John Yang’s PSCC V1.5 carrier board kit I just finished soldering the carrier board kit with the shweet new Hakko 936 [...]