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Setting file modes with Dired

I’ve been writing a lot of shell scripts recently in emacs. I used to go to a shell to `chmod u+x` the new scripts, but now I do it within Emacs: Do `M-x dired` from the buffer editing a new script. I’ll give you a Dired buffer rooted in that script’s directory. `C-s` to find [...]

Editing files as root with Emacs and Tramp

Did you know that you can use an existing non-privileged instance of Emacs to open files as root? Yep, Emacs includes a module called TRAMP which can use sudo to read and write files. As is usually the case, I had to work sweat a little to make it work. My problem was that my [...]

Turn on the bright lights – Emacs highlighting

Want to highlight every line in the current Emacs buffer that matches a regexp? Try `highlight-regex`. It serves a purpose similar to `M-x occur` (or better yet, icicle-occur). The highlighting regexs are re-evaluated every time the buffer changes ie the effect is sticky. Use `M-x unhighlight-regex` to disable these. Want to see what you’ve changed [...]

emacs-snapshot-gtk emacsclient and using ediff for regions

If you’re using the emacs-snapshot-gtk package (I use the one from Alexandre’s repository) and you want to use emacsclient, make sure you use the version that it supplies at `/usr/bin/emacsclient.emacs-snapshot`. If you just run emacsclient, it might confusingly say “emacsclient: can’t stat /tmp/esrv1000-yourhost: Success” Recently at work I’ve been using ediff to compare little pieces [...]