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Visiting Boston

After a few false starts this Winter, I finally made it to Boston this weekend. I went with Carolyn and Jumbo. It was great to take a road trip where I wasn’t in the driver’s seat `:]` We stopped at the Museum of Science as soon as we arrived. It housed an excellent “history of [...]

Late lunch in Rolla, MO

Ahoy St. Louis. I’m aiming for a late lunch @ Alex’s Pizza Palace in Rolla, MO. This message is brought to you by the General Packet Radio Service.

Contorting proteins

I just installed the Folding at Home client on Ubuntu. It was pretty easy thanks to this community documentation page and jpkotta‘s install script which will: Download the folding binary Set up a new user for folding so your machine can fold no matter who you’re logged in as. Install an init script to handle [...]