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Creds101 v0.1 Release

I’m happy to announce the first release of a credentials (e.g. “usernames and passwords”) management system that I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. It’s called Creds101 and this excerpt from the documentation gives some more detail: Creds101 has 2 parts: Software that you run on your computer (the “host”) to send commands [...]

Dell Mini 9 unboxing

My Dad ordered a Dell Mini 9 netbook recently. I took some photos of the unboxing. Here are a few miscellaneous thoughts: You know how IE plays that little “mouse click” sound when accessing a new web page? It’s not so bad except for the fact that it often happens a second or so ”’after”’ [...]

Xbox 360 Arbitrary Code Execution

An anonymous researcher has published a detailed write-up on how to execute arbitrary code with high privileges on a recent Xbox 360 kernel. The vulnerability exists in the (now patched) system call handler. There’s no googleprint for anohacker@gmail.com so I’m assuming this person created that email address just for the purpose of disclosing this vulnerability. [...]

Intel Motherboarding

If you’re trying to install the Intel(R) Chipset Software Installation Utility (aka drivers) from a CD and you encounter a message like “usbehci.sys on (Unknown) is needed”, you may want to try installing Service Pack 2 if you’re on Windows XP. Worked for me. Speaking of Intel, kudos to them for having the best website [...]