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Automating Sample-loading for the Roland SP-404SX

I own a Roland SP-404SX Wave Sampler. It stores audio clips onto an SD card. There are two ways to assign new clips (“samples”) to the device’s buttons (“pads”): Using the Record button on the device to record from the line-in ports or the built-in microphone. Loading WAV files from a computer onto an SD [...]

Priorities: Bump in the Trunk

Some people require engine block heaters to start their cars in cold weather. I have the luxury of a garage so I don’t. My problem is far more serious: my subwoofers don’t kick when they’ve been sitting all night at ~zero Fahrenheit. My solution last weekend: run a ceramic space heater in my trunk for 15 [...]

Miami Road Trip 2009

One of the biggest North American electronic music festivals, Ultra, just wrapped up in Miami. I think it’s about time that I blogged about my experience there last year. I attended last year’s edition with Carolyn just prior to a return trip which included visits to… Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL Georgia Tech in [...]

Christi Grace at Boulder Coffee

I went to the new Brooks Landing Boulder Coffee Co. last night with Tessah and Jared to see my friend Christi play ukelele. She rocked it for at least and hour and a half seated, fittingly I think, in front of a wonderwoman painting. She played most of the material from her new album, Snakeskin, [...]

Some live music at Tulsa’s Marquee

Tessah’s friend Jenna gave us an impromptu tour of the Brady Arts district. As expected, it was cold at the center of the Universe. Oderkirk Trivia Tessah saves those little dessicant packets from shoeboxes in case she ever drops her cell phone in the toilet.

Hats off to cdparanoia’s UI

I recently decided to rip all of my music CDs to a more reliable medium: my hard drive. One of the software tools I’m using to do this is called cdparanoia. It’s a solid little app from the venerable multimedia project with an entertaining but informative console interface. An excerpt from `cdparanoia(1)`: OUTPUT SMILIES [...]

Daft Punk at Keyspan Park

I just got back from a long weekend which included seeing Daft Punk at Coney Island and camping with my Dad and Grandpa in Old Forge in the Adirondacks. On Thursday at Noon I jumped on a Jet Blue flight bound for JFK. One hour and one hundred dollars later I was waiting at JFK [...]

Bonnaroo 2007

I got back from my second Bonnaroo today at 10am. 1600mi on the road, 28hrs in the car, and a lot of sun, music, and cool people. I drove down in my Neon with Carolyn and met Heather and her friend Justin at the festival. Last year’s critical dub moment came when I was wandering [...]

First Cobbs Hill Park run of the year

I capitalized on Rochester’s first nice Saturday in ~7 months by taking a jog up to Cobbs Hill Park. After taking a lap around the reservoir, I stopped at the pump pump house steps (pictured) to sit for a while in the sun. Some groovy flute music was floating out from inside the building. It [...]

It Plays a Little Mel-o-dy

Here are a few reasons why this Summer is going to exceed all previous Summers: Daft Punk’s first North American tour in 9 years is making its final stop at Keyspan Park in Brooklyn on August 9th and I’m gonna be there with Josh, Carolyn, and a mystery person1. I’ll be at the Rock the [...]