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Stepper-drive Plastruder Demo

We’re upgrading our Makerbot Cupcake CNC with a stepper motor-driven plastic extruder. Here are the components of the new plastruder: Polulu A4983 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier Makergear Plastruder Pack Kysan 42BYGH243AG14 Bipolar Stepper Motor John Yang’s PSCC V1.5 carrier board kit I just finished soldering the carrier board kit with the shweet new Hakko 936 [...]

Adding a dimension to your photos

Have you ever wanted to transform a run-of-the-mill photograph into a complete 3D scene automagically like Jack Black does in this mildly-NSFW 35MiB 2min clip from Enemy of the State? Well too bad — it’s just not possible to ascertain details that are hidden from the camera’s view! You can get pretty close, though, with [...]

Visiting Boston

After a few false starts this Winter, I finally made it to Boston this weekend. I went with Carolyn and Jumbo. It was great to take a road trip where I wasn’t in the driver’s seat `:]` We stopped at the Museum of Science as soon as we arrived. It housed an excellent “history of [...]

Manwel Tabone’s Reggae Club radio show

A few years ago at RIT I went dub crazy and spent a few weeks collecting as much as I could from streaming radio shows and the internet in general. While trying to track down some High Tone tracks, I found Reggae Club. Reggae Club was a radio show broadcast on Radio Malta from 1989 [...]