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Creds101 v0.1 Release

I’m happy to announce the first release of a credentials (e.g. “usernames and passwords”) management system that I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. It’s called Creds101 and this excerpt from the documentation gives some more detail: Creds101 has 2 parts: Software that you run on your computer (the “host”) to send commands [...]

Sending data via cellular voice connections with Linux

“A5/1 [the encryption scheme used in most cellular voice calls] has operated unchanged for the last 21 years but it has now reached its cryptographic end-of-life, engulfed by the march of Moore’s Law. However, the operational end-of-life of A5/1 may still be decades away as there are approximately 2 billion GSM subscribers, commanding about 80% of [...]

Downloading photos from Facebook with Linux

Tommy Murphy recently released photograbber, a simple Python/tkinter app that uses the Facebook API to… 1. Find all the photos that you’ve been tagged in and… 2. Download each photo to a chosen directory. It worked fine for me after I fixed a trivial tkinter bug. Right now I’m adapting photograbber to download entire albums [...]

A Flickr macro for MoinMoin

Would you like to include Flickr photos in your MoinMoin wiki pages? Here’s a MoinMoin macro that allows you to do just that. The code is a little ugly, but I was inspired by this affirmation of the “release early, release often” philosophy to make the source available. Slide on over to my wiki to [...]

Graphing OpenMoko community membership by country of residence

A group at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology recently published the results of their survey of OpenMoko community members. I’ve graphed their data on survey respondents’ country of origin: I’ve thresholded the output at 1% i.e. countries whose respondents accounted for less than one percent of the total are omitted from the graph. This [...]